LUEL Solidarity Statement with Railroad Workers United (RWU)

The railroad workers of America have taken enough abuse at the hands of the railroad carriers. Democratic decisions made by the workers must be adhered to as the tentative agreement neither addresses the needs or the complaints of the rank-and-file worker.

The Hi-Viz attendance policy and so-called Precision Based Railroading are repressive systems made to squeeze out every last bit of productivity out of the railroad workers, by penalizing workers for taking necessary sick leave and being able to attend to family emergencies. Industrial workers throughout the country have won paid sick leave, and it long overdue for the railroad workers to claim this basic right, especially in this period of constant increases in the cost of living.

We, Labor United Educational League (LUEL) stand in solidarity with the Railroad Workers United call to Vote “No” on the tentative agreement. We recognize the importance of the railway workers and support them in their struggle for unity, quality of life and safe working conditions.