LUEL Statement on Draconian Fines Levied Against United Mine Workers by NLRB

The NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) Region 10 is demanding the UMWA (United Mine Workers of America) to pay back 13.3 million dollars in costs related to their strike.  This is a completely unacceptable demand and an attack on workers across the country who are standing up for their rights in the workplace. 

These damages are more than 33 times the estimated amount lawyers had initially assessed, and these exorbitant costs are a clear threat against any and all workers who feel they need to take to the picket lines to defend themselves. 

UMWA President Cecil E. Roberts has stated, “The right to strike in America must be preserved.  We will fight this at every level, in every court.  We will spend every penny of our resources rather than give in to something like this from the NLRB, Warrior Met, or any other entity.” 

We at LUEL stand in solidarity with this statement and with the workers of the UMWA against this attack on labor rights.  These demands for reimbursement are unreasonable and we believe in protecting American worker’s right to strike.